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Electronic application

Welcome in application for submitting elctronic applications for the study at the VŠB-TU of Ostrava
  • Submitting application form follows the conditions of entrance procedure of individual faculties
  • For candidates who take secondary school leaving exam in the year of entrance procedure for university - We recommend filling in electronic form after getting results for the first term of the last year

NOVELTY - for applications submitted from the academic year 2013/2014 (inclusive), only variable symbol is generated.

Way of payment from a foreign bank:
in entry box "Purpose of payment" enter variable and specific symbol (generated in the shortened version of application) in VSY format (Y is a variable symbol)

The possibility of payment by means of electronic payment system (in the selection "Summary of applicatons" or "New application")

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Technical support of the application: hd@vsb.cz

Instructions for submitting electronic application form:     .doc    .pdf